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We have automated everything for you. All you need to do is use the quick log buttons while on the go and let the Field Log app do the rest for you.
Once you’re done, simply generate reports and within seconds you’ll have a professional report with table of contents included ready to go in both a pdf and word format.


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Awesome features

We wanted to make an app useful for everyone, but especially geared towards security companies, investigators and shift/project workers alike.

Add Your Company

You can create your own company profile complete with logo, motto, name, contact information, etc. So when you generate a report, it is clearly YOUR report.

Report Formats

When you generate a report you get a PDF version that is ready to send off right away, but also a Word Document version in case you had last minute updates, additions or edits that you need to make


Whether you need a log for a specific event, day, series of days, or for a variety of different tasks all under one log, we got you covered.


A nice feature for some, but critical for others, is that every single entry into the log has the location and the time stamped onto it.


Though we added some logs to get you started, you can Customize almost every aspect of your log to suit your needs. Name the quick-logs whatever you need, and then color code them to log on-the-fly

Light and Secure

We built this app with privacy in mind, and so there is no personal logged data stored on our servers, it is all controlled and stored on your device. Your client information, stays your information ONLY.

Screenshots gallery

Here are some examples of what logging will look like